Harag W' Marag

Nadine Khan

We are delighted to present Harag W' Marag (Chaos, Disorder) (2012) by Egyptian filmmaker Nadine Khan, a compelling feature-film that took seven years to make and was whizzed through local cinemas...

No time... No place... Only chaos and disorder
No matter what are the difficulties...
People play and smile.. gamble on happiness
Eat and drink.. wanting to survive regardless of society and politics
Even when cut from society, seeing only those who are around..
They still search for love

A love story that transcends time and space is all what young director Nadine Khan wanted to show in her feature directorial debut. The film reflects reality, a human experience, where one, despite the difficulties he faces in the chaos and disorder of this life, where everyone loses contact with each other, he keeps on doing all the activities that make him content and happy - from eating, drinking, having sex, smoking, playing... and even loving. (Excerpt from the production notes)

Egypt/ 2012 /Arabic with English subtitles/ Colour/ DCP/ 76 minutes
The screening starts at 19:30. The director will be present for a Q&A.

Film Synopsis

Manal, Zaki, and Mounir are in their twenties. They live in a chaos-filled community next to a garbage dump where their basic needs are barely met. Beneath the disorder in their society is a layer of troubled relationships, decaying love and a feverish competition between Zaki and Mounir to woo Manal. A competition that can only be resolved by football. Respecting boundaries, the film carries a current of privacy through its unique portrayal of an isolated and closed society.

About Nadine Khan

Nadine Khan graduated from Cairo's Higher Film Institute. She has worked as an assistant director on many commercials and feature films for Dream Works, Arte and Bateh for more than 10 years. She has directed four short films including ONE IN A MILLION which screened at international festivals such as in Oberhausen and Rotterdam. CHAOS, DISORDER is her debut feature film and screened in the Open Doors programme at Locarno Film Festival.

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