Imaginary School Program

A Lecture by Waleed Almusharaf

On Liberalism, Islamism and What is the Political

Or, Why it is Really, Really Important to Learn How to Bathe Properly.

The lecture will examine what is considered the political by both liberals and those seen as their polar ideological opposites. The case study will be the Sudan. By looking at this case study we will try to show that the success of both these political actors lies in the fact that they share a vision of political organisation that focusses on developing concrete political rationalities and practices, and thus creating subjects, rooted in the fabric of life itself and not only addressing the formally political. In the subsequent discussion we will interrogate the the different organisations in Egypt in light of these ideas.
We will ask whether we can consider these organisations or movements political, and also the ways in which they in turn have been successful or not at engaging politics in this way, and what they and we may learn from both liberalism and Islamic forces.