A Descriptive Argument about The Magic of the State

Nile Sunset Annex

The Cairo-based collective Nile Sunset Annex was invited to respond to the exhibition The Magic of The State in the form of a guided tour—to think about what an exhibition can stimulate, what traces it leaves in a given context, for its audience and within its artistic community.

Nile Sunset Annex proposes to perform a symbolic deinstallation of the exhibition that starts off in the exact moment of its official closure: April 6, 2013 at 8pm sharp.

Nurturing the authority of the staged reality of the exhibition space, in a rather anecdotal narration that sheds light on the labour behind the production and materiality of the artworks, Nile Sunset Annex will guide visitors on a gestural journey involving nails, juice, rocks, manhandling, lynchpins, lights, packaging, iPads, lollipops, and exits.

Nile Sunset Annex is a self-funded experimental exhibition space which occupies a room in a shared flat in Garden City. It offers local and international artists a space to realise month-long exhibitions, and runs a sporadic parallel program of publications and discussions. Nile Sunset Annex is Taha Belal, Hady Kamar and Jenifer Evans, three artists with separate and quite diverse art practices who live and work in Cairo.