Collection in Residence


A history of two Feldmanns

One the original/ Two a copy/ Both equally heavy

Nile Sunset Annex

The Cairo-based art space Nile Sunset Annex made an identical replica of Hans-Peter Feldmann's 'Hat with Photograph' (no date, no edition), complete with pedestal and glass box, to be shown alongside the real Feldmann, which Nile Sunset Annex has taken on loan as well. This challenge fits with Nile Sunset Annex's general interest in making and copying, and it suits Feldmann with his unlimited editions and no-signature policy and his little repetitious photo books. The works will be on view at Nile Sunset Annex through December. On the opening night, Nile Sunset Annex will give a small visual presentation about doubles and fakes.

Opening 6 December, 7pm
Nile Sunset Annex
Apt 17 / 4th floor
 / 1071 Nile Corniche / 
Garden City / Cairo

Nile Sunset Annex is a self-funded, experimental artist-run art space which occupies a room in a flat in Garden City. It offers local and international artists a space to realize month-long exhibitions, and runs a sporadic parallel program of publications and discussions. Click here for information about their program.

This event is part of A GUEST WITHOUT A HOST IS A GHOST—Collection in Residence, a collaboration between Kadist Art Foundation and Beirut.

currently hosts 23 artworks from the collection of the Kadist Art Foundation in Paris and San Francisco. Chapter One–The Exhibition presented the entire selection at Beirut, Townhouse Gallery and Contemporary Image Collective during May–June 2014. For Chapter Two–The Disposition, Beirut invited a number of Cairo-based artists, curators and institutions to pick a work as guest and attend to it some way that shares it with a public audience. See the link on top for more information.