Here, There and Everywhere/Hopes

A presentation

Laila Soliman

Theatre director Laila Soliman will present her forthcoming project “Here, there and everywhere/Hopes”, based on research on the concept of the State Security Apparatus, between Myth and Reality, through individual perspectives. “Here, there and everywhere/Hopes” is developed as a multi-layered, trans-disciplinary documentary, interweaving what is said in Rabat, Cairo and Berlin at different points in their history. At Beirut, Soliman will perform a presentation that will directly engage the audience by using different modes of story-telling, the ‘live’ and the recorded, documentary material and fiction.


Laila Soliman (born in 1981) is an independent Egyptian theatre director and play writer based in Cairo. She studied at the American University in Cairo, and is currently undertaking an M.A. in Theater at Dasarts in Amsterdam. Her works include: “The Retreating World” (2004), “Ghorba, Images of Alienation” (2006), “…At Your Service!” (2009), “Spring Awakening in the Tuktuk” (2010), and “Lessons in Revolting” (2011). She also worked as a dramaturge on the documentary theatre piece “Radio Muezzin” by Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll), which has been touring internationally since 2008. Her play “Egyptian Products” (2009) was published in the anthology “Plays from the Arab World” by Nick Hern Books and the Royal Court Theatre, London. Currently, she is working on a documentary theatre series on military and police violence titled “No Time For Art”.