Imaginary School Program

March Session

In March, the Imaginary School Program looks at space as a site of contestation and expression and ponders over questions of ownership, space occupation, and tensions between the private and the public.

We visit organizations and meet with individuals whose ideas on the use and appropriation of space render new meanings. Artellewa and Megawra open up their spaces to us and we reflect on their work in communities. At The only Thing Worth Globalizing is Dissent, a conference organized by Prof. Mona Baker, Yasmin El Rifae, and Mada Masr, we engage in different realms of translation; of conceptual terms in Egyptian civil society, of questions concerning the visual, of language influenced and in conflict with its colonial context reshaped by the state of conflict itself.

Amr Gharbeia helps us reflect on the Commons versus Ownership and the realm of online space. Alia Mossalam takes us through a special journey in time, and unlocks our understanding of the past with the help of oral narratives describing a lived and layered experience in time.

Sherif Seif el Nasr's theatre workshop gives us the opportunity to relax and think about our relationship to public space as individuals. We engage in different exercises that loosen up our thoughts, bodies and spirits.

Production time begins in April. .. Stay tuned.

Contributors to this session include:

The Only Thing Worth Globalizing is Dissent Conference organized by Mona Baker, Yasmin El Rifae, and Mada Masr; Mai El Ibrashi from Megawra; Amr Gharbeia; Alia Mossalam; Hamdy Reda from Artellewa; Sherif Seif El Nasr; Amr Abdelrahman; Jasmina Metwaly and Beirut.