Imaginary School Program

A Workshop with Ahmad Gharbeia

On Wikipedia

The Imaginary School Program opens its doors to welcome Ahmad Gharbeia from the Arab Digital Expression Foundation and member of the Arabic editing community of Wikipedia. The workshop introduces Wikipedia, its community and rules, aiming to enable the participants to contribute the information they find relevant and interesting in line of their work and participation in Egypt's community.
We invite attendees to prepare ideas in advance and think of topics and thinkers whose Wikidedia pages they would like to improve or create. The focus is the Wikipedia community in Egypt and the translation of relevant articles into Arabic.

The Arab Digital Expression Foundation, ADEF, organizes a set of activities revolving around the use of open-source based Information and Communication Technologies and the belief in self-expression and knowledge-sharing, targeting both young professionals (men and women) and youngsters (girls and boys) from across the region.
ADEF creates experiences that enhance self-exploration, creative self-expression, critical thinking and acceptance of diversity for youth in the region. It also caters to an evolving shared new Arab identity and culture that is the product of the ICTs bridging divides.