Collection in Residence



What Remains is Future

A Conversation

Aurélien Froment, Laurent Montaron

A Guest Without A Host Is A Ghost

Public Program
2 – 18 June, 2014

Tuesday, 3 June, 8 pm
Contemporary Image Collective

A talk and curatorial conversation between two institutions Beirut and CiC, escorted by two films from the collection.

Laurent Montaron
What remains is future (2006, 6 min.)

This film directly (and fictionally) refers to one of the first media dramas of the burning of the Zeppelin aircraft LZ 129 Hindenburg as it landed in New York in 1937. The power of these images, which were widely diffused in the press, had a profound haunting impact on people's consciousness. This mode of transport – both futuristic and obsolete – crystallizes a collective imaginary that was fed by cinematic, literary and mythological fiction. Realized with an anaglyph process – which superimposes two slightly offset images to produce an effect of depth – the film prevents the experience of the third dimension and emphasizes the tricks of fabrication. Due to its materiality and blurriness, the image, which is accompanied by a sinusoid wave, exerts a powerful haptic and hypnotic fascination.

Aurélien Froment
Théâtre de Poche (2008, 13 min.)

Théâtre de poche is inspired by Arthur Lloyd, a magician who was famous for being able to take out of his pockets any image requested by his spectators. His coat hid over 15.000 different prints. In Froment's work, a magician presents images by making them appear, disappear or move in space. The performance is accompanied by a rather rudimentary sound that highlights the artifice of the magician's tricks and places it in a comedic register. The work appears as a metaphor for artistic creation, how ideas coincide, and the hesitations and experiments that constitute a practice. It’s inevitable to build connections between art and magic, the artist and the magician, artistic practice with that of illusion, and of collecting and re-interpreting images.