Inner Stage

A conversation

Snejanka Mihaylova & Tanja Baudoin

We have the pleasure to host a conversation between artist and performer Snejanka Mihaylova and If I Can’t Dance curator Tanja Baudoin. Our guests will discuss 'Inner Stage', a research project that Mihaylova is developing in Cairo for If I Can't Dance's Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication.

Mihaylova’s research is specifically looking at the Nag Hammadi library, a collection of Gnostic texts discovered in 1945, which give an account of the ideas circulating among early Christians.
The artist’s study of the Nag Hammadi stems from her interest in the vision of early Christianity that emerges from these writings, one in which different perspectives coexisted in a climate of reciprocal acceptance. They contribute to a particular understanding of authorship and originality in the context of the sacred canon of Christian writing. The manuscripts challenge ideas of a single authorial position, as they exist thanks to the practice of copying and in the absence of an original text of reference.

Snejanka Mihaylova's presence in Cairo is part of an extensive research project into the aural dimension of thinking, listening and being receptive to material, which will converge in the making of a song and a publication. Mihaylova is commissioned to develop this work within If I Can't Dance's Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication.


The practice of Snejanka Mihaylova (Sofia, BG, 1978) is located at the intersection of philosophy and performance, thinking and theatre. Mihaylova holds a degree in philosophy of language and hermeneutics from the University of Florence, Italy (1996-2001). Mihaylova has also been trained in theatre studies and completed a master’s degree in theatre at DasArts, Amsterdam (2009-2011). In 2012, she was a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. Her work Theatre of Thought, for which she published an eponymous book, has been performed in several locations in Europe, including De Hallen in Haarlem (2011). In 2012 she published the book “Practical Training in Thinking” and led a seminar in dialogue with Mladen Dolar at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

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