Imaginary School Program

A Discussion with Mostafa Youssef

On Society and/in Moving Image II

The Image and Self

Most artists/filmmakers are occupied with their own selves, how to present it, how to protect it, how to magnify or diminish it. This discussion travels across other artists' representations of themselves, their lives, memories, relationships; and encourages participants to face their own. In the span of this workshop we aim to examine the creative need for introspection and potential outcomes that it might have.

Through a personal game, participants will make short scenes about themselves that engage their own secrets, fears, and memories. We will then discuss what is the nature of subjective film and how do we make it relevant, we will also look at examples of subjective film narratives and its successes/failures. Lastly, we will discuss potential for mis-representation, alternative points of view, and collectively engage the subjective/vs/objective narratives and examine a potential for individual/vs/collective storywriting.